when it is hard to hide your tears , then never mind, start cutting an onion , let the heart cry , you just blame the onion
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Some people are like prawns - No guts, no spine and a head full of shit.

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Girls needs a boy with future..

Boy needs a girl with no past..!! ;)

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I Love the feeling when we are
together.. ,

I Love the thought being with
you forever..,

I Love it when ur dream comes

I Love it when it's a bit hazy &

I Love the time I spend with
Because I feel perfect with

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COLLEGE LIFE of All Students :)

---> One side love..

---> Silent mode mobiles..

---> Bike stand comedies..

---> Escape from Seminars..

---> Boring Last lectures ..

---> Birthday treats..

---> Last minute preparation..

---> Overnight study 4 next day's Exam..

---> Friend's family functions..

---> Eager wait 4 feb 14..

---> Shortage of pocket money & attendnce. :D :P

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Life Becomes Romantic When Eyes Start Looking
At Some one Silently ..

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I've made lots of mistakes in my past...but if you judge me on what I did in my past, then you have no reason being in my future.

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Life isn't measured by the breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away.

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