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ek aadmi pray kar raha tha.
tabhi wahan bhagwaan prakat
aur bole :beta hum khush
huemannat mango
admi bola: mujhe married se
bachelor bana do
prabhu bole:
beta mannat mango jannat
nahi :P :D
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My friend texts me after a long time

She: kaisa hai??
Me: Khush hun tu?
She: Main bhi fit. Yar ek kaam tha.
Me: Haan to karle kaam bad me karte hain baat :P
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Banta ki Biwi came naked in the drawing room to serve Halwa to the guests.

Banta screamed: Beshram Aurat tu hosh me to hai?

Wife: Woh jee Recipe book me aisa hi likha tha na...
Serve Hot without any dressing. Guests will enjoy.

Banta-: fir theek hai!!!
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Operation ke bad patient bola-
Doctor Sahab! kya ab main
Samne se jawab mila-
Beta! Doctor Sahab to dharti par rah gaye Main
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1 khargosh Bomb le kar zoo me ghus gaya

or awaz lagai ki
Tum sab ke paas 1 minute ka time hai yaha se nikalne ke liye..!!

Waah...!! Saale Waah...!!
Seedha Bol na ki me hi target hu... -_-
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Baap ne beti ko Date karte hue pakar liya.

Bap beti se:Tumne khandan ki izzat par
daag laga diya.

Beti muskaraty hue boli:

Daag toh chala jayega
ye waqt phir nai ayega. :-P ;-) :-D
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A man checked into a Hotel.

There was a computer in his room so he decided to send a mail to his wife.

However he accidentally typed d wrong email address and without realizing he sent the mail to a widow who has just returned from her husbands funeral.

The widow decided to check her mail expecting condolence messages from relatives and friends.

After reading d first message she fainted.

The son rushed into d room found his mother on the floor and saw d computer screen which read : To my loving wife i knw u are surprised to hear from me they have computers here and we are allowed to send mails to loved ones.

I ve just checked in.

How are u and d kids d place is really nice but am lonely here.

I have made necessary arrangement 4 ur arrival 2morrow. Expecting u darling. I cant wait to see u! :)
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